Friday, January 28, 2011

Hit by Snow Storms

Its that time of the year that, living in the north eastern states of US, one can't escape a snowstorm. This is my second winter in the US and so far I have already seen 5 snow storms so far. I have to admit I love to watch it snow, actually who doesn't. As long as one is indoors, wrapped up and the heater is keeping us warm, everybody loves it.

What I love most about the snowfall, is to stick my tongue out like a little gal to let those tiny little 6 pointed star shaped crystals settle on it. I love to see house roof tops covered with snow. I love how the roads look so clean when the snow is precipitated on them. I love to watch little kids make a snowman and throw snowballs at each other. I love to watch people bring their dogs out for a walk....its fun to watch people wearing layers of warm clothes, with their nose and toes freezing away to glory but the are still out there walking in the snow.

So this week we here hit with another snowstorm, although the B'more-DC area just had about 6"-8" of snow, while NY state had about 12"-15" of snow. Below are some pictures from the last few snow storms I have seen.

This was the first snow storm in Feb 2010 in DC with 12" of snow and DC wasn't equipped for it.

Dr.Mystery cleaning the drive way. The roads were not even clean from the this snow storm and another one was expected the next day. We ran out of groceries.

This one is from NYC around Christmas 2010, 15" of snow.

How could I miss out Ice Staking at The Pond at Bryant Park.

This is from the Storm day before. Although a lot of it has been cleaned up, it's just so nice to sit at the window with a cup of tea in your hand and look outside.

Look at our pool, the water has turned into ice. It's so hard to even spot the sun lounges. BTW we had a power outage for almost 12 hours.

Dr Mystery took me for a drive and then some hot chocolate.

BTW, I must give credit to Dr.Mystery for processing these pictures. Thanks hon. On that note, let me share with you Dr.Mystery's photoblog - My point of view. Do check it out!!!


  1. The pics r totally wow!! I cant wait to leave India to exp all this in London. :)

  2. Hey Mia
    lovely photographs and yeah, having experienced a mild snowfall just once in my life, i can totally agree with the part of "to sit at the window with a cup of tea in your hand and look outside". specially love the last photograph and the one in which Dr. Mystery is cleaning the road. good work:)
    take care

  3. So loving the pics!!!!! The last ones gorgeous!

  4. @Ria

    I am sure babes your looking forward to London, hope you make it there soon and share your pics and experiences with us.

  5. @DD

    hit the nearest snow capped mountains and enjoy the winter

  6. @TD23

    Thanks mate. hopefully i will upload some more photos soon.

  7. @Ella

    Yeah i like that one too.

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  9. Lovely pics :)

    I fell in love with the weather in Minnesota... be it the snow or the fall... awesome :)

  10. Nice pics....brace for one more big one coming tomorrow. We have has 7 storms alone in the past one month.....

  11. @Arv
    So when were you in Minnesota eh?

  12. @CD

    oh la la....stay indoors keep yourself warm....god bless new yorkers

  13. you got beautiful pics
    ever want to make a youtube video using these type of pics
    just let me know i will do it for you.
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  14. those are some really nice pictures ..great job Dr Mystery

  15. lovely snaps... dr. mystery clicks very well. I need some tips :P

    missed ya mia...

    catch me on gmail

  16. @sm

    Thanks for the suggestion, will keep that in mind. I did visit the link and I must say its neat stuff

  17. @rainboy

    ya missed reading yur blog too and am so happy to discover a whole new blog....yay...

  18. I've awarded you with the Stylish Blog Award. Visit my blog which will tell you all about it (there is some work to be done) -
    Cheers, Kathryn

  19. @ Mia :
    I am very lazy Princess as you know :P
    In love with the work I do at new blog. I hope to update it every month :D

    Take care n be safe

  20. buddy, here i am. at last. in ur blog. just like the good old days.

    u made me remember all those pics u took from ur window back in mumbai

  21. Aw wish it snowed here in India :( It does in Simla but now where I stay !! :|
    Nice post :)
    I love snow.. :)
    I hope I get to stick my tongue out sometime soon <3

  22. mia is MIA . Come back ... smell awaits you :D