Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Toast

Friends, thanks for the very warm welcome. I am so glad to be back amongst all of you. I have to admit that while I was away I missed you all. I missed reading your posts, missed commenting on them, missed those tags, I missed the connection you and I shared. I am really looking forward to connect back with you all and pick up from where we left off.
Over a period of time I have realized that, my virtual friends knew more about me, than some of my real friends. Ofcourse you were all reading my good/bad/ugly posts on a daily basis, while I didn't have time to pick up the phone and share the silliest of thoughts with my others friends. I am so grateful to you all for standing by me through the thick and thin moments of my life.
Thank you all for being there for me. It means a lot to me. Instead I'd like to make a toast (reaches for a glass and raises it).

To you, my wonderful, thoughtful friends! Thank you for everything. May you be blessed with friends who are as good to you, as you are to me.

BTW below are some pics of fellow bloggers I have met over the last three years. It was a pleasure meeting you all

Pic 1-I met with Geet in 2008, Chicago.

Pic 2- I met with AneriMasi and Ria in 2009, Mumbai

Pic 3 - Last year in 2010, I met with Ceedy, New York


  1. It was fun meeting you and your other full.....

    Happy blogging and welcome

  2. @CD

    Like wise mate, had fun with ya. Lets catch up again soon. and hey i would like to see more posts from you and more often.

  3. @Dino

    Thanks :) See you around.

  4. Oh wow love this post n the pics. :)

  5. Next time in NY, lemme knw..:)

  6. oopsi.....oh yeah damn!!! your in new york inne.

  7. Ceedy bhaiya contrary to image kafi sweet lag rahe hai :D

  8. welcome back once again. readers of blogs have changed these days. ppl are so busy in their life..

  9. @daydreamer

    Ke bol raha hai choore - appni jaan pyari hai ke nahi....

  10. @DD
    what do you mean 'contrary to the image'. Behave DD!!CD is a real nice person. N hey, I lesson I have learnt from blogville is that, never pre judge people from their blogs / photos.

  11. @Nidz
    a warm welcome to you on my blog too....see ya around.

  12. Hi Mia,

    True... as such there is little real time to balance our work with quality family time... and it gets hard to catch up with friends outside of the virtual world on a daily basis...

    and surely.. writing through the blogs have given you, me and people like us an amazing set of not just fellow writers but amazing friends...

    Glad to see the pics of meetups... one thing I need to increase doing in 2011... Have met only a handful of my blogger friends so far...

    thanks for this post mate...

    have a nice day...


  13. @sm

    welcome to my diary.....thanks.
    see ya around

  14. @Arv

    Not that I have met a whole bunch of them, but there are certainly a few bloggers i would love to meet.

    btw where do you get this 'mate' thing from eh?

  15. look at ceedy bhai forcing a smile. lol.. ;)